The Bush White House is now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on official portraits of Cabinet secretaries, military brass, and other appointees. Among the portraits commissioned is one of former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, for $46,790.
The Washington Post

Barack Obama has spent a record-smashing $250 million on local, cable, and network television commercials over the past five months. He’s spent more on TV ads during that time than such giant brands as Burger King, Apple, and Gap.
The New York Times

As of early this week, 194 newspapers have endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket and 82 have endorsed McCain-Palin. That lopsided margin contrasts to 2004, when John Kerry barely edged George W. Bush in endorsements, 213 to 205. ?
Editor & Publisher

John McCain is supported by 61 percent of voters who drive a GMC brand vehicle, and by about 60 percent of drivers of other American-made cars. Barack Obama dominates among voters who drive imports, with 70 percent support from drivers of the MINI, and 60 percent from Subaru and Saab.
Kelly Blue Book Marketing Research

The sale of firearms and ammunition has jumped 8 percent to 10 percent in recent months. Industry analysts attribute the burst of purchases to a worsening economy, and fears that Democrats will impose new gun-control measures.
The Washington Post