William Shatner apparently really, really wanted an invitation to former "Star Trek" colleague George Takei’s gay wedding, said The First Post. Shatner posted a video online (click here for the YouTube clip) in which he called Takei, who played Mr. Sulu in the 1960s sci-fi series, “sick” and “psychotic,” and said Takei didn’t invite him to the wedding because of an old grudge.

Takei doesn’t hide the fact that he thought Shatner was a camera hog in his days as Capt. Kirk on the "Star Trek" set, said Nancy Dillon and Bill Hutchinson in the New York Daily News. But the rift only “grew at warp speed” after Shatner found out that all the big Trek stars went to the Los Angeles wedding, except him. The funny thing is, Takei insists he sent Shatner an invitation despite the bad blood.

So, did Takei invite Shatner or not? asked Emily Rosenbaum in the Chicago Tribune. We may never know. But, either way, this latest episode of Shatnerian “rambling” is more than a little “bizarre.”