Touch of Evil: 50th Anniversary
(Universal, $26.98)
The first time you see it, Touch of Evil is “nothing less than a revelation,” said The Miami Herald. But Orson Welles’ 1958 film noir starring Charlton Heston would be his last Hollywood film. The “famously troubled” production has been released in three different versions, all included here.

The Visitor
(Anchor Bay, $29.97)
In this “profoundly heartbreaking” film Richard Jenkins delivers an Oscar-worthy performance, said the Chicago Tribune. He’s a lonely man transformed by unexpected friendships and “the unfettered joy of beating on a drum.” Deleted scenes and “touching commentary” on the DVD add insight.

Risky Business: 25th Anniversary
(Warner Bros., $19.96)
Risky Business is “a piece of movie history,” said the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. Tom Cruise, “one of the greatest stars of the last half-century,” took his first lead role as a teen partying while his parents are away. The DVD includes Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay’s screen tests.