Diane Lane is living her father’s dream, says Strawberry Saroyan in the London Daily Telegraph. The 43-year-old actress is the daughter of acting coach Burt Lane, who pushed her onto the stage at age 7. By the time she was 12, she was appearing alongside Meryl Streep. “I was sort of dared by my father. Like, ‘Come on, do this really cool thing.’ You know how when your parent is like the sun shining on you—the approval, all the ‘You’re so wonderful’? That’s what he was like when I was doing the plays.” Lane’s mother, however, wasn’t as keen on raising a child actress. “I was tossed between them like a football. Mom and Dad would fight about it, but Dad would win.” Indeed, as his daughter became famous, Burt Lane swelled with pride. “He felt like it was his success, too. And rightfully so. I was his final project. I’m definitely his daughter before I’m anyone’s wife, ex-wife, mother.” Six years after his death, Lane often wonders if she should have taken more control of her destiny. “To this day I am still thinking about the path not taken. I did not live my life. I lived the life my father wanted for me.”