Department of Eagles
In Ear Park


Department of Eagles sounds like a close relative of Grizzly Bear, said Matthew Schneier in GQ. The Brooklyn band—headed up by songwriter and guitarist Daniel Rossen—includes every Grizzly Bear member except Edward Droste. Rossen formed this side project with his old roommate Fred Nicolaus, to showcase more personal material. While Rossen’s main gig is more “diffuse and expansive,” Department of Eagles echoes its “folksy strains,” classical composition, and elaborate string arrangements. It’s hard not to compare the two, said Lauren Gitlin in The Village Voice. But with In Ear Park, Rossen has made a convincing “departure from Grizzly Bear’s brooding sensuality.” It reins in that group’s moody experimentation to create nostalgic pop music evocative of Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks. The album moves leisurely from the whirling, old-timey harmonies of “Balmy Night” to the “shimmering, sunlight-smacking-the-Pacific melodies” of “No One Does It Like You,” said Amanda Petrusich in In Ear Park is a “languid, easy West Coast record infused with classic East Coast anxiety.”