Miles Davis
Kind of Blue: The 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition


There’s a reason Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue has stayed in print for 50 years, said The album—initially released on Aug. 17, 1959—“heralded the arrival of a revolutionary new American music.” During a 10-hour session at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio, Miles Davis and his legendary sextet had established the school of modal jazz, which, unlike bebop, was “structured around scales and melodic improvisation.” The result was sparse in delivery yet dense with emotion, a “sublime atmospheric masterpiece.” Kind of Blue will forever be an “important piece” of music history, said Alonzo Weston in the St. Joseph, Mo., News-Press. Some version of this album is a “must-have” for “any true music fan.” This collector’s edition, however, is “nice but less than essential,” said Andy Battaglia in Considering how many reissues have been released over the years, this anniversary package—which includes a 60-page book, 55-minute documentary, and a version on blue vinyl—isn’t all that impressive. One “standout” addition, though, is a 17-minute live recording of “So What,” “played much faster, tighter, and harder” than the original.