Officials at Saguaro National Park in Arizona are embedding microchips in thousands of Saguaro cactuses because bootleggers and homeowners are stealing them. Younger specimens of the giant cactuses, which can grow to 50 feet, can fetch $1,000 on the black market. “Everyone wants a Saguaro in their front yard,’’ said Jim McGinnis, a state cactus cop.
Associated Press

The number of women voters has exceeded that of men in every presidential election since 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This year, women may cast about 9 million more votes than men.

A recent survey of 25,000 high school students found that 90 percent of students admitted to copying test answers, using crib notes, or cheating in some way—about triple the rate found in a 1963 survey.
The New York Times

Psychiatric hospitals nationwide are reporting that admissions have more than doubled due to people suffering extreme stress about home foreclosures, job losses, and plunging stock prices.
Los Angeles Times

Of the seven gift shops in Crawford, Texas, that once sold George W. Bush souvenirs, three have gone broke and only two still maintain regular hours.
The New Yorker