Blitzen Trapper
(Sub Pop)


Furr makes for a “perfect fall soundtrack,” said Jill Menze in Billboard. Blitzen Trapper conjures up a jamboree with its countrified roots rock and “backwoods tales” of the rural West. For its debut on the Sub Pop label, the Portland, Ore., band tamps down the dense, psych-rock jams that occasionally made last year’s Wild Mountain Nation grating. Instead the guys embrace their inner urban cowboys and wind up with a “more consistent body of work.” Blitzen Trapper has given up on trying to be cerebral, said Spencer Kornhaber in The Onion. The spacey, sonic tricks and “meaningless science-fiction babble” that characterized the last album are long gone. The band has “surrendered to the basic human craving for candied country melodies” and returned to its classic-rock influences—Neil Young, the Grateful Dead, and Creedence Clearwater Revival are the most obvious. Almost every track on the album is “full of rootsy beauty,” said Christian Hoard in Rolling Stone. Both the title track and “Stolen Shoes & a Rifle” are “gorgeous wilderness-wandering ballads.” The dusty “Black River Killer” chronicles an outlaw’s life. Furr is “great pastoral folk-rock” that’s worthy of revelry.