Pete Seeger
At 89


Now is “as good a time as any” for a Pete Seeger album, said Adam Mazmanian in The Washington Times. With a presidential election around the corner and the nation on the brink of an economic catastrophe, it only seems fitting that the folk troubadour speak up. At 89 proves the longtime activist, even in the twilight of his life, to be as relevant as ever. The album, his first in five years, is a grab bag of standards, new material, instrumentals, and spoken interludes that have Seeger reminiscing about his past and contemplating the future. He preaches throughout, and nearly every song is a sort of sermonette, said Ben Ratliff in The New York Times. But, true to form, Seeger’s performance “carries no loftiness or obscurantism.” “If This World Survives” is a dire call for community. “Song of the World’s Last Whale,” written in 1970, was an early plea for environmentalism. “Doomsday warnings are all over this sweet, anti-virtuosic record,” but Seeger is here to help. At 89 is a fine coda to an enduring career and a “pleasingly indulgent collection,” said Jeff Vrabel in Billboard. But primarily it’s a “treasure for longtime fans.”