Iron Man
(Paramount, $24.99)
Iron Man is “the best comic-book movie of the year,” said The Salt Lake Tribune. Director Jon Favreau respects the original, and Robert Downey Jr. is “wonderfully arrogant” in this tale about an inventor whose souped-up suit gives him super powers. Extras include a “fascinating documentary” on how the film came together.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
(20th Century Fox, $34.98)
Paul Newman, who lost his battle with cancer last week, leaves behind a “startling vibrant legacy,” said the Baltimore Sun. This film, in which he and Robert Redford co-starred as two “easy­going and even honorable bank robbers,” is the “buddy movie that defines and
celebrates the genre.”

Taxi to the Dark Side
(Velocity/Thinkfilm, $27.98)
There’s a good reason this “shattering documentary” won an Oscar last year, said The Seattle Times. Director Alex Gibney examines the case of a taxi driver, who in 2002 was detained in Afghanistan and later died in the custody of American forces. His film is both revelatory and emotionally searing.