Amid a sluggish economy and stepped-up border enforcement, the number of illegal immigrants entering the country has declined from an average of 800,000 a year to 500,000 a year.
The Washington Post

About 70 million TV viewers watched the vice presidential debate last week between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, making it the most viewed vice presidential debate in history, the Nielsen media research firm reported.
Chicago Sun-Times

About 11,000 same-sex couples were married in California in the first three months that gay marriage was legal there—more such marriages than have occurred in four years of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, according to UCLA’s Williams Institute.
Los Angeles Times

The Food and Drug Administration, widely criticized for lax inspection of domestic and imported foods, responded to several outbreaks of food-borne illness this year by spending $300,000 to hire a public relations agency to “create and foster a lasting positive image” for the FDA.
The New York Times

Pirates operating in the waters off Africa and Southeast Asia attacked and seized an estimated 2,400 vessels between 2000 and 2006, costing businesses up to $16 billion a year.
The Baltimore Sun