It looks like the “wealthiest picket line in industrial history is taking shape,” said the Times Online. “Millionaire rockers” are banding together to form “their own trade union, the Featured Artists’ Coalition, which will guard their interests as digital technology wreaks havoc.” What will their demands be: “Pots of caviar and all roadies to wear black”?

Actually, this "only makes sense," said Eliot Van Buskirk in Wired online. Musicians “should have a say when policies are enacted to restrict music from being shared online, among other important decisions.” And they’re pushing to maintain ownership of their songs, which seems fair. Maybe U.S. artists should “follow suit.”

Well, “you can tell where the power lies in the music industry based on who's dictating the terms,” said Nate Anderson in Ars Technica. Major labels used to control most of the forms of distribution, but “digital distribution gives artists more control—especially when those artists already have name recognition.” There’s a good chance that the Featured Artists’ Coalition will get what they want.