“October is off to a sad, sad start,” said Scott Gwin in Cinema Blend. The “complete waste of a budget” movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua took in $29 million over the weekend, snagging the number one spot at the box office “by a painfully large margin.” This proves once again that “with enough over-the-top marketing and the promise of talking animals you can sucker the American public into handing over their hard earned money for anything.”

Maybe the American public just needed a distraction from the “dire financial news” dominating the headlines, said Stephen Wong in The Weekend Gross. Judging from its “sizzling” debut, Beverly Hills Chihuahua seemed to be the “perfect medicine.”

It’s nice to know somebody's doing well financially, said Nicole Sperling in Entertainment Weekly online. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the best October debut of any Disney picture, and it “helped push the weekend box office up 37% over the same weekend last year.” Our “economy may be tanking, but the box office remains healthy.”