Fatherhood has been a humbling experience for Matthew McConaughey, says John Spong in Texas Monthly. The famously freewheeling actor and his girlfriend, Brazilian model Camila Alves, became first-time parents in July, and McConaughey quickly realized his world had changed in profound ways. “You start seeing the future a little further, a little wider,” he says. “Your peripheral vision gets better. You’re responsible for that kid.” McConaughey, 39, says that because of his image as a laid-back California surfer-type, people assume he will be an “anything goes” kind of father to his son, Levi. But he says he fully intends to impose some rules, such as carefully limiting the boy’s television viewing and exposure to the Internet. For now, though, it’s Levi who is calling the shots. “I was changing his diaper and he s--- straight on my belly. I leaned over and said ‘Levi …’ And he peed in my face. I said, ‘You enjoy this because there comes a time when you gotta start aiming that stuff. So you just have a ball right there. ’Cause this is a privilege.’”