Sex and the City
(New Line, $35.98)
The Sex and the City film picks up where the TV series left off, said the Associated Press. Though not quite the same, all the charms of the HBO show remain—the “female bonding, the snippy, quippy, pun-filled writing, the valentines to Manhattan.” Extras include a featurette on the movie’s fashions.

The Fist Foot Way
(Paramount, $19.99)
The Fist Foot Way is the “most underrated comedy of the year,” said New York. This “redneck tae kwon do crazyfest” stars Danny McBride, who recently co-starred in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder, as a loser who finds meaning in martial arts after his wife leaves him.

The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration
(Paramount, $130)
The entire Godfather trilogy has received a “beautiful restoration” in Blu-ray format, said USA Today. Francis Ford Coppola and cinematographer Gordon Willis return the saga to its “opening-day look,” and the package includes more than a dozen extras, including one on Coppola’s battles with studio executives.