In the 34 states that will allow early voting this year, close to 30 percent of the votes will have been cast before Nov. 4. In at least five states, a majority of the votes will be cast early, including in the swing states of New Mexico and Nevada.

The number of elderly parents, grown siblings, and other relatives who have moved into other family members’ homes grew 42 percent from 2000 to 2007, the Census Bureau reported. Higher housing costs and the nation’s struggling economy have prompted more families to combine households.
USA Today

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who last year famously claimed in New York that there are no homosexuals in his country, has revised his view. In an interview last week, Ahmadinejad conceded there “might be a few” gays in Iran, going on to describe homosexuality as an “unlikable and foreign act.”
New York Daily News

Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden has done nearly 100 press interviews since being tapped as Barack Obama’s running mate on Aug. 23. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, picked as John McCain’s running mate a week later, has done three.

Teenagers now send an average of 1,742 text messages a month—more than 50 a day. A recent study found that 42 percent of teenagers say they could “text” while blindfolded.
The New York Times