“Paul McCartney can literally do anything he wants,” said Matthew Laidlow in Heckler Spray, so now he’s decided to “rave it up”: He’s releasing a new dance album in November called Electric Arguments under the name The Fireman. It “will probably be crap, but bizarrely lauded because he used to be in The Beatles.”

Actually, McCartney deserves all the praise he’s likely to get, said MusiRadar.com. This music is much “rockier” than his past “ambient efforts.” It brings to mind the Beatle’s White Album, and might be “the best McCartney material” in “20 years.”

We’ll believe it when we hear it, said Sean Michaels in the Guardian. All 13 tracks on the album were written in “just one day.” Maybe this spontaneity worked. But it’s “more likely to have made for slapdash, half-arsed tracks.” Then again, “who are we to tell Paul McCartney how to write a song?”