Speed Racer
(Warner, $28.98)
This “hyperkinetic adaptation of the 1960s Japanese cartoon” will look amazing on hi-def TVs and Blu-ray discs, said the Chicago Tribune. The Wachowski brothers’ film “took a beating at the box office,” but devotees consider its “eye-popping, digitally created sets and neon color schemes” groundbreaking.

Pushing Daisies
(Warner, $29.99)
The Pushing Daisies DVD is “as colorful and creative” as the TV series, said the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The first season of ABC’s forensic fairy tale, about a pie-maker who possesses the power to bring the dead to life, received 12 Emmy nominations. The DVD includes all nine episodes.

High School Flashback Collection
(Universal, $39.98)
Anyone who grew up in the 1980s should own this collection, said the New York Daily News. Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club are still in heavy cable rotation, but these enhanced versions include new cast interviews and commentary—and are free of commercial breaks.