“We had high hopes” for Alicia Keys and Jack White’s collaboration for the theme song to the latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, said D+C Film, but man, it really turned out to be a “stinker.” We’re not sure which is worse: “The over-crowded orchestration? The hollered vocals? The dodgy lyrics (‘Suit ‘em up, bang bang!’)?” Terrible.

“Each new Bond theme is greeted with a mixture of high expectation and bitter disappointment,” said the Telegraph online, because most people have a strong “attachment to the long running series.” But whether you like the new theme song or not, it’s important to remember that, “just as the Bond franchise had to be reinvented to stay relevant, so has the music.”

And “we should all hold final judgment until we hear it in the context of the film,” said Drake Lelane in Film.com. But I already like the new theme, and “I think we'll find that the song holds up well, especially compared to the themes of the past 25 years.”