“You might want to sit down for this,” said Stuart Heritage in Hecklerspray. Clay Aiken—the American Idol contestant “who everyone thought was gay—is actually gay.” Aiken’s “blindsiding admission is just the latest shocking scoop that People has scored, following last month’s ‘The Pope: Hey, I’m A Catholic.’”

OK, this news is hardly a surprise, said Michael Slezak in Entertainment Weekly online. But it is “a big deal.” Not only is this a “milestone in the life of Mr. Aiken,” it surely means a lot to the “thousands of folks across this nation” who “have two very small, very significant words—‘I'm gay’—caught somewhere in their throats, or further down in the knots of their stomachs.”

“But why should Aiken deserve to be praised for coming out at the age of 29?” said Ramin Setoodeh in Newsweek online. He should have done this years ago, but instead he “denied that he was gay long beyond the point of ridiculousness, and he did it in a way that bordered on homophobic.” Sorry, Clay, you’re a little too late.