There may be hope for America yet, said Patt Morrison in the Los Angeles Times. O.J. Simpson is on trial again—not for murder this time, just kidnapping and armed robbery. But most of us are paying little attention. Have we finally gotten over O.J.?

Don’t bet on it, said Tim Rutten, also in the L.A. Times. A witness in the trial said that the tabloid Web site TMZ, along with Entertainment Tonight and ABC, had paid him a fortune for interviews, photographs, and even audio recordings he made of the alleged Las Vegas robbery of a sports memorabilia dealer. O.J. clearly still has the ability to drag the media into “the gutter.”

Maybe, but not for long, said the British daily The Independent. This time, there’s a mountain of evidence that even O.J. won’t be able to sidestep. He could face years in prison, and this could prove to be the final chapter in his sad story.