We couldn’t be any more excited that American Psycho—Bret Easton Ellis’ book-turned-movie starring Christian Bale—is now being made into a Broadway musical! said Erik Davis in Cinematical. Bale was great as Patrick Bateman, the rich New York investment banking executive “whose sick, twisted, murderous alter ego exposes itself in the most delightful and imaginative ways”—hopefully we’ll see Bale on Broadway.

Bringing American Psycho to Broadway is a great idea, said Muara Johnston in Idolator. “Because nothing says ‘fun for the whole family’ like a musical that chronicles the adventures of a murderous, sex-obsessed, status-obsessed Wall Street” guy.

Like it or not, said Simon Reynolds in Digital Spy, there might be a trend here. American Psycho is “following a similar trajectory” as another “social satire,” Fight Club—Chuck Palahniuk’s novel-turned-film. A musical version of that is currently “in development with director David Fincher and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.”