So, Kelly Osbourne has signed a deal with Virgin books to release her autobiography early next year, said I’m Not Obsessed. This is just further proof that “if you're famous, related to someone famous or have just hung out with someone famous at least once, you definitely qualify for lucrative deals to pen your memoirs.”

Actually, the 23-year-old has led “a very active life so far,” said Angry Ape, and the book will reportedly include details of her stint in rehab and “her war with singer Christina Aguilera.” This could be a good read, and it’s “bound to be full of juicy secrets.”

Older people have "a certain perspective that 23-year-olds just haven't been on the planet long enough to acquire," said Ithaka. Kelly Osbourne “still has lots of years ahead to make mistakes and court public humiliation. Why write a book that doesn't have an end yet?”

Maybe because she wants to “follow in her mother’s footsteps,” said Jennifer Zalitak in Glam Boulevard. And that might be a smart move: Sharon Osbourne’s memoir Extreme “has sold more than 2 million copies” so far.