It looks likes Miley Cyrus is trying to get fired from Hannah Montana, said Chattah Box, by “showing up late” and trying to “mess the show up.” Miley apparently thinks she doesn't need the wildly popular Disney show any more because she can make more money singing on her own.

Miley may want to reconsider, said Chris Georg in eFlux Media. Her latest album, Breakout, was supposed to be “the teen singer’s, well, breakout.” But her mediocre, cliché-filled songs made it clear she has no “real clue” how to connect to ordinary kids without Disney's help.

She’s also apparently clueless about how powerful Disney is, said Chris Arnold in The Watercooler. But this sure is going to be fun to watch: “In one corner,” we have “a teen megasuperstar who in five years will be all but forgotten, throwing a tantrum,” and in the other, “entertainment goliath Disney, about to squash her.”