After 18 months of “urging” Scholastic to stop supplying schools with the “highly sexualized” Bratz book series, said Becky Ebenkamp in Ad Week online, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood cheered the publishing company’s decision to finally do it. But Scholastic is downplaying the group’s influence, saying they rotate the books they offer to schools all the time. What’s the real reason?

Who cares, said Amy Jussel in Shaping Youth, just as long those books are out of schools. Being an “anti-censorship media maven,” I’m usually “reticent about ‘book bans’ of any sort.” But when it comes to “sexualized slop like Bratz diva doll toxic commercialism with mind-numbingly vapid, unhealthy behavioral ‘bratitude’ and streetwalker style objectification,” I’m all for it.

How could anyone be against censorship, but in favor of this decision? said Stuart Woods in Quill & Quire. If Scholastic really did cave under pressure from this organization, then it’s a perfect example “of a small group of people imposing their values on a much larger group.” Is that the kind of society we want?