HarperCollins is publishing Candace Bushnell’s forthcoming books The Carrie Diaries, said Coe Booth in The Longstockings, which will trace her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years. “If it's handled well,” it could explore teen sexuality honestly and from a “girl's point of view," which would be “refreshing.”

Having “multiple partners" isn't so endearing when you’re not even old enough to be a sex columnist yet, said Ben Barna in BlackBook online. But Bushnell probably couldn't resist writing about a “budding pseudo-journalist, Upper-Eastsider in training, and without a doubt, school tramp” after witnessing Gossip Girl’s success.

Bushnell is clearly “doing her best to milk the cash cow that is Sex and the City completely dry,” said Gina Serpe in E! Online. But “it has yet to be decided whether Carrie will lose her virginity in the books.”

But it’s fun to imagine “what sorts of sex scenes” families might be enjoying together once these books come out, said Ryan Tate in Gawker. And it’s nice to know that The Carrie Diaries “will have at least one generation of young kids primed to watch Sex And The City,” so they’ll know how to order cocktails “before they even graduate high school!”