Sociologist Michael Kimmel paints a bleak picture of young manhood in the U.S., said James Hannaham in Salon. In his new book, Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, Kimmel says "disgruntled guys" are being programmed for "bad behavior" as they languish, stuck between boyhood and manhood. Worse, he warns that they pose a rising danger as society brushes them off.

Young American men have definitely undergone a transformation, said Carla Blumenthal in Life Before Noon, and many can't let go of the "frat boy" mentality. But “the Sex and the City mentality could be just as pervasive.” In fact, maybe "female empowerment" is indirectly hurting Gen Y men.

So, it’s partly “feminism’s fault”? asked Dan Zak in The Washington Post. Kimmel "hints that the borders of Guyland were drawn to protect men from the professional advances of women," but it's a stretch to say that a few “decades of go-girl cheerleading" have "reduced the proud American patriarch to either a feckless manboy or a serial abuser.”