Not only is actor Tobey Maguire getting paid $50 million to shoot Spider-Man 4 & 5 back-to-back over a six month period, said Arya Ponto in Just Press Play, he’s also worked it out so that he’ll have early mornings and evenings off to spend time with his 22-month-old daughter. “Talk about a cushy job.”

“Sony had originally rejected his requests for the extra time away from set,” said Peter Willis in Obsessed With Film. But it looks like the studio executives “came groveling back” once they realized that the series probably wouldn’t have any “legs without Maguire.”

But “you’ve got to wonder how this might affect the production,” said Josh Tyler in Cinema Blend. Won’t it now take longer to make the sequels? And does this mean they’ll have to use more "annoying" special effects to cover for the times when they want Maguire on set but can’t get him because he's "busy reading ‘Run Spot Run’?”