Has Steven Soderbergh lost his mind? said Ian McShane in Holy Moly! Why the director has decided to cast Michael Douglas as Liberace in his upcoming biopic about the flamboyant pianist is beyond me—Douglas is “the most manly man on the planet.” To make matters worse, Soderbergh might be “flinging his career fully out of the window by having Matt Damon play the part of Scott Thorson, Liberace's scorned lover who sued him in 1982.”

Well, “it's a compelling narrative,” said Scott Thill in Wired online. But recent box office numbers show that moviegoers “are on the hunt for action, violence and heroes in capes. Sure, Liberace was known to wear a cape or two, but I'm not sure he's the type of hero the mall rats have in mind.”

Don’t underestimate Soderbergh, said Bridget Daly in Hollyscoop, the Academy Award-winning director knows what he’s doing. He and Douglas worked together on Traffic, so “there must be something flamboyant that Soderbergh sees in Douglas to think he can pull off this role.”