A lot of people have been looking forward to the pairing of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Righteous Kill, said Joe Lozito in Big Picture Big Sound, since it marks only the third time the Oscar-winning actors have worked together. So it’s too bad the movie isn’t very good. But we could “do worse” than to watch De Niro and Pacino “going through the motions on screen together—at the very least, they seem to be having fun.”

Yeah, but nobody in the audience is, said Patty Jones in Vancouver's Georgia Straight online. “Ever the eyeball-popping thesp, Pacino hams his way” through dialogue that’s filled with “clichés,” and “De Niro looks and sounds as though someone slipped elephant tranquilizers into his Scotch.”

Did we see the same movie? said Roger Friedman in Fox News online. Righteous Kill is definitely “worth plunking down a few bucks” for. Pacino and De Niro are “like two old gunslingers out West,” and “you certainly leave the theater hoping they make more movies together.”