While “change” was the most used word by speakers at the Democratic convention, the Republicans’ top word was “taxes”—mentioned an average of 46 times per every 25,000 words spoken—followed by “business” (38). There was a tie for third place: “God” and “change.”
The New York Times

Of pregnancies in which Down syndrome is diagnosed in the womb, 90 percent end in abortion. The Wall Street Journal

Thanks to Alaska’s oil wealth, every man, woman, and child in the state will soon receive a check for $3,269—$2,069 as their cut of the state’s annual oil revenues, plus a special bonus to offset soaring fuel costs. Last year’s payout was $1,654.
USA Today

Just 36 of the 2,380 delegates attending the GOP convention were black—the smallest percentage since the racial makeup of conventions was first measured 40 years ago.
The Washington Post

U.S. intelligence agencies have set up a new social-networking site like Facebook, where intelligence analysts with the requisite clearance can share tips on al Qaida and other threats. “It’s a place where not only spies can meet but share data they’ve never been able to share before,” said intelligence official Michael Wertheimer.