“Poor old Noel Gallagher,” said John Matthew Hall in The Independent. Who would have thought that “an angry ape-like creature” would attack the Oasis frontman during the band’s show at the V Festival in Toronto Sunday night? But it’s nice to see that Gallagher handled it like a “pro,” returning to the stage after a 15-minute break to finish the set, and even joking about it to the crowd.

It’s not really surprising that somebody decided to push Noel Gallagher off the stage, said Matthew Solarski in Pitchfork. “I think it’s safe to say the notoriously outspoken brothers Gallagher have pissed off more than a few people in their day.” And although “we don’t condone such random acts of violence,” this is pretty “funny.”

The real tragedy here, said NME.com, is that Oasis’ stage-time was cut short. It had been “strongly rumored” that Paul Weller was going to join the band on “Champagne Suprnova,” but that was “ruined by the onstage assault”—it looks like Oasis decided to skip that song and end with “I Am the Walrus” instead.

(Watch footage of the incident on YouTube)