It’s disappointing that author Stephenie Meyer has stopped writing Midnight Sun, the companion book to her bestselling Twilight series, just because a portion of the work-in-progress was leaked online, said Kait Silva in Aced Magazine. Why is she “punishing the masses for the actions of a few”?

This is hurting Meyer more than her fans, said Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg and Emily Steel in The Wall Street Journal online. This decision will likely “cost her millions of dollars.”

“We can understand why Meyer might not be thrilled with the idea of her still-incomplete manuscript being passed around,” said Lane Brown in New York magazine’s Vulture blog. But is it really the end of the world?

No, said the blog Out-Loud Brainwaves. Meyer “should travel to Darfur and see the face of real human rights violations”—just “suck it up and finish the book, for God sakes.”