“Bob Woodward’s new book is shrouded in such mystery that even the title was a secret until now,” said Mike Allen in Politico. But The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008, which comes out on Sept. 8, is “likely to propel a re-examination of the Iraq war into the headlines just as the fall presidential campaign is taking off.”

Actually, “White House aides are said to be somewhat optimistic that the book will reflect favorably on Bush,” said Greg Mitchell in Editor & Publisher, maybe because the timeline includes the surge in Iraq, which they perceive as a success. But in the past, Woodward “has suggested that he has come to see the war as a major mistake.”

One thing’s for sure, said Leon Neyfakh in The New York Observer. The “race” is now officially on for who will find a copy of the book “early and tell everyone what it says!” But more importantly, is The War Within “going to suffer—in terms of its endurance and, uh, literary legacy—from the fact that the media will inevitably focus on the handful of riveting scoops it contains?”