Brazilian Girls
New York City
(Verve Forecast)


New York City is “as internationally diverse as the Big Apple itself,” said Katie Hasty in Billboard. The Brazilian Girls—who are, in fact, three non-Brazilians from Manhattan—travel the world from the comfort of an East Village recording studio. With multilingual frontwoman Sabina Sciubba leading the way, the dance trio jets off on an hour-long tour filled with heavy beats, infectious rhythms, and international influences of every kind. The “settings are almost as varied as the tongues,” said Jon Gilbertson in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The trip kicks off with the “irresistible” “St. Petersburg.” The oompah of “Berlin” lands them in Germany. Senegal’s Baaba Mal’s solo turn brings them to West Africa in “Internacional,” and the haunting “L’Interprete” puts them on the streets of Paris. Their nonstop globetrotting can at times make the album seem all over the map. But wherever they roam, the Brazilian Girls bring all their influences back home, said Margaret Wappler in the Los Angeles Times. They might mix styles and change locales, but the result is always “fizzy, smart music for a certain kind of Manhattan party girl.”