It's not surprising that Wisconsin authorities would tell 8-year-old blues prodigy Tallan Latz that he can't play clubs that serve alcohol, said Daniel Martin in a Guardian blog. What's odd is that the kid ever managed to make a name for himself in a “a gruff and grizzled subculture, hard won by the trauma of poverty, hardship, plain bad luck or being done wrong by a woman.” How can you have the blues when you're 8?

When it comes to “tone and rhythm,” said Karen Hanson in the blog Today’s Chicago Blues, “there’s no doubt” that Tallan Latz can play the blues. I’ve come across adult guitarists “who couldn’t pull off the licks that the T-man can.” But everybody knows “it takes more than technical expertise to play the blues.” You'll have to judge for yourself whether Latz has the "spirit.”

Well, he’s held his own with some heavyweight musicians, said Carol Bengle Gilbert in the blog Associated Content. Latz “has jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne.” And Latz has played some “prominent venues, like the Chicago House of Blues.” If he’s faking the blues, he's quite an actor, too.