Judy Albert once tried to put a pig in the White House. As the wife of Stew Albert, co-founder of the Yippies, she participated in many of the ’60s’ most outrageous acts of political theater. The wackiest may have occurred at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, when the Yippies unveiled a pig named Pigasus as their candidate for president. “The back story is that this was another conflict between Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman,” Albert tells David Gargill in GQ. “Abbie wanted a cute little pig, and Jerry thought it needed to be a large, aggressive pig. So Jerry and Stew and I and Phil Ochs, the folk singer, went out to a farm in the outskirts of Chicago to buy this pig. We picked one out, and we thought the farmer would get it for us. But he said, ‘No, you have to get the pig yourself.’ So we all jumped into the pigpen and then ran around in the mud, got the pig, and put it in the van back to Chicago.” For all that effort, Pigasus’ campaign was brief. “Jerry and Stew took Pigasus to a press conference, where the pig was arrested, along with Jerry and Stew, in front of swarms of national media. The rumor was that the cops just killed the pig and ate it, roasted it. We never were able to verify that.”