The Pineapple Express
Directed by David Gordon Green

Two stoners get mixed up in a murder.


Pineapple Express would make sense only if you were as high as its heroes, said Ty Burr in The Boston Globe. Yet the drug-addled comedy from Judd Apatow & Co. is “still a good stupid time.” The film starts as a stoner spoof about a pothead and his dealer, who witness a murder and wind up on the run. But it loses focus as fast as its characters do. Writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg try to smash together “a buddy thriller, an action parody, and a touching tale” of male friendship. Pineapple Express goes from “Cheech and Chong to Die Hard” in 90 minutes, said David Edelstein in New York. But a stoner action movie is an oxymoron. The hellacious violence and the stoned-silly gags are both pointless, though without them the film would be “empty and formulaic” because of its paper-thin plot. You can’t expect logic from a pot farce, said Peter Travers in Rolling Stone. This is a movie stoned on its own silliness, which makes it “hard-core hilarious”—whether you’re high or not.