Who is that “light-skinned woman with the flowing blonde hair” that’s trying to sell us some hair dye? said Dan Glaister in the Guardian. L’Oreal might be denying that they lightened Beyoncé’s skin tone for a print ad the singer is featured in for the cosmetics company, but it sure looks like “all is not well with the face of its campaign.”

It’s pathetic that L’Oreal might have lightened Beyoncé’s skin to make her “more palatable to the masses,” said Ian Dransfield in the blog Heckler Spray, but it’s not surprising. After all, almost “every other element of black culture—the music, the clothing, the lingo”—has been whitened up. “Why not start trying to make black celebrities white too?”

Well, Beyoncé might not have a problem with any of this, said Vanessa Walters, also in the Guardian. “Her trademark has been very long blonde hair extensions and yes, looking as light as possible.” It seems like she’s used this “tactic” to “make her image more commercial.”