Shine a Light
(Paramount, $29.99)
The Rolling Stones “take center stage” in this rockumentary, said the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The film “crackles with electricity” as director Martin Scorsese “deftly captures” the Stones in their element at New York’s Beacon Theatre in 2006. The DVD includes four additional songs.

War Games: 25th Anniversary Edition
(MGM, $14.98)
This cautionary tale about the threat of nuclear war “holds up well,” said the San Jose Mercury News. Matthew Broderick stars as a teenage hacker who accidentally provokes a high-stakes confrontation while playing a computer game. The DVD’s extras include the short Tic Tac Toe: A True Story.

Two Fat Ladies: The Complete Series
(BBC, $59.99)
Britain’s “high-camp, high-fat cooking show” was a gluttonous pleasure, said Entertainment Weekly. The series, which followed “chubby foodies” Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright across the U.K., remains “delicious” on DVD. Extras include biographical documentaries on the fat ladies and a recipe book.