It’s too bad that keyboardist/bassist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett have decided to leave the “vintage-rock” group Wolfmother because of personal and creative differences, said Josiah Hughes in The trio only had one album under their belt but they toured incessantly and gained a worldwide following, won a Grammy, and “left a huge indent on the modern rock scene with their epic riffs and otherworldly subject matter.”

This isn’t the last you’ve heard of these guys, said Mike Diver in the blog Drowned in Sound. Singer Andrew Stockdale says he’s going to hire new members and “continue performing and recording” under the Wolfmother name. And the “departed duo” of Ross and Heskett “intend to record together in the near future.”

Actually, fans of good music should “be delighted to hear that Australian Luddite howlers Wolfmother have split up, said the blog Play Louder. Somebody give me a “high five!”

Doesn’t it seem a little too coincidental that Wolfmother’s Australian label, Modular, went bankrupt last week? said Maura Johnston in the blog Idolator. The “Aussie Zeppelin mimeographers” were the label’s “biggest seller”—chances are Modular had “advance knowledge” of this split.