The Dark Knight has clearly been “a bona fide cultural event,” said Jake Coyle in the Associated Press, but “it hasn’t been immune to criticism.” Many critics have been asking: “Why does Batman talk like the offspring of Clint Eastwood and a grizzly bear?” It seems that “as Batman has gotten darker, his voice has gotten deeper.”

“Bale may not have a strong handle on Batman’s voice,” said, “but he nails the character’s inner life.” That, and the “sweeping camera work” and “stellar production values keep your attention riveted on the screen at all times.”

The voice Christian Bale uses in The Dark Knight is somewhat “distracting and odd,” said Elaine Wolff in a San Antonio Current blog. But keep in mind that Batman’s voice is “meant not only to intimidate,” but to hide his identity as Bruce Wayne. In that sense, it serves as “another layer of disguise.”

Bale should be applauded, said the blog Madness is nothing in this Maddish World. It’s hard to believe that Batman’s voice is really coming out of Bale’s mouth—“he is amazing.” Bale took a “totally different” approach to Batman’s voice and “I love it!”