The average age of America’s Olympic athletes is now about 27, up from 24 a generation ago. Experts attribute the trend to advances in training and injury-recovery techniques, as well as rules changes that allow athletes to make money and still retain their Olympic eligibility. Twenty-one members of the U.S. team are 40 or older.
USA Today

China now has 253 million citizens with Internet access, compared to 223.1 million in the U.S.
Chicago Tribune

Over the course of a lifetime, the average American stands a one in 5,552 chance of dying in a plane crash (including small, private planes). The lifetime odds of dying in a car wreck are one in 247.
The New York Times

Due to prolonged droughts and rising temperatures, wildfires this decade have destroyed an average of 7.24 million acres of American
forest and grassland a year since 2000­—twice the average of the 1990s.
Los Angeles Times

The head of Uganda’s state development agency is urging Ugandans to hold funerals only on weekends. Because of widespread HIV infection, Uganda has one of the world’s highest death rates, and Development Minister Speciosa Kazibwe complains that workers spend too many of their working hours attending funerals.