It looks like the “feud” between stoner-comic duo Cheech and Chong is finally “up in smoke,” said Michael Weinfield in the Associated Press. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong “broke up amid creative differences” more than 25 years ago, but are planning a reunion tour entitled, "Hey, What's that Smell?"

“What are they smoking?” said Mark de la Vina in the San Jose Mercury News blog A+E Interactive. There has been so much bad blood between these two that the idea of getting them back together seemed, at first, “as plausible as Paul and Ringo teaming up with holographic stand-ins for John and George” for a Beatles reunion. Could it really be that they're ready to forgive and forget?

The timing certainly seems right for a comeback, said Josh Grossberg in E! Online. Stoner comedy is "back in vogue," judging by the success of Harold and Kumar and all “those Judd Apatow–sanctioned stoners in Knocked Up and Pineapple Express.” But they're all “rank amateurs” compared to Cheech and Chong, “the iconic ganja kings.”

And the possibility of another Cheech and Chong movie may not be a “pipe dream” either, said Daniel Frankel in Variety. Harold and Kumar did really well at the box office, and there’s a lot of “anticipation” for the “pot-fueled romp Pineapple Express.”