A Maine woman who was reaching into her washing machine for clothes got a shock when she found a writhing, 8-foot-long python. “I put my hand back in there to get more,’’ said Mara Ranger, “and something moved. I jumped back and all of a sudden its head starts coming out. Wildlife officials determined the snake squeezed into the house via the water pipe.

George Clooney broke up with girlfriend Sarah Larson, says The National Enquirer, in part because of Larson’s strange habit of pretending to be pregnant. Clooney, 45, told Larson at the start that he had no interest in having children. But as the relationship progressed, Larson periodically would announce, ‘‘Oh, I forgot to take my pill!’’ to see if Clooney had changed his mind. He hadn’t.

A Tasmanian man has avoided jail after being caught with hard-core octopus pornography. Rodney McLagan, 48, had a collection of some 31,000 images and video clips, most of which depicted humans engaging in sex acts with snakes, tigers, and octopi. The judge suspended his sentence, citing a psychologist’s finding that McLagan suffers from clinically low self-esteem and that “you are particularly self-conscious about your teeth.”