What happened
Actress Natalie Portman plays a Bollywood princess in the new music video for her boyfriend Devendra Banhart’s song “Carmensita.”

What the commentators said
It’s hard to say whether or not Portman was just doing her boyfriend a favor by starring in this video, said Monika Bartyzel in the blog Cinematical. But “I’m liking the lighthearted Natalie.” Here’s hoping we can “get her into more goofy roles.”

Portman is good in this role, said Perez Hilton, but is anyone really surprised? Playing a princess is “something she’s very familiar with.” But to be fair, this video is “trippy and super cute.”

It’s not exactly “V for Vendetta," said Daniel Kreps in Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily blog, "or even Michel Gondry’s video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Dance Tonight’ for that matter.” But “we’ll pretty much watch anything starring Portman.”

(Watch the video for “Carmensita” on YouTube)