Now I’ve heard everything, said Warner Todd Huston in the American Conservative Daily blog. The Fan Fare column of Reuters news service has decided that Bruce Springsteen, "one of the most anti-American rockers" around, helped bring down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War. Yes, Springsteen gave a “little concert” in East Berlin in 1988 that “did momentarily add to the zeitgeist of the times,” but what about Ronald Reagan’s hard work?

OK, so Reuters is exaggerating just a little, said Ethan Stanislawski in But give Springsteen some credit. Unlike Reagan's "Tear down this wall" line, Springsteen called for bringing down the barriers from behind the Iron Curtain, where the message really needed to be heard.

To say that Springsteen deserves some credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall is an "oversimplification," said the blog No Expiration. But artists do “inspire people to move on their actions,” so who really knows? It’s possible that the Boss played a role.