Hundreds of suspected militants and criminals detained by officials in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Africa in recent years have turned out to have arrest records in the U.S. The “stunning” number
of fingerprint matches, says Frances Townsend, former assistant to the president on homeland security, shows that many militants have spent time in the U.S., revealing “a potential vulnerability.”
The Washington Post

Five percent of Americans spend 41 or more hours online at home every week, or about six hours a day.
USA Today

The foreclosure rate in some downtown Miami condominium towers is 25 percent, yet 22,000 more condo units are still under construction. “We’ve gone from euphoria to panic in a year,” says developer Jorge Perez.

The number of Mexican-born immigrants who became U.S. citizens swelled by nearly 50 percent last year, thanks to an aggressive citizenship campaign by Spanish-language media and advocacy groups. Some 122,000 Mexicans attained citizenship in 2007, up from 84,000 the previous year.
Los Angeles Times

In response to a survey, 26 percent of Republican House members said they believe that “the earth is warming because of man-made pollution.” On the Democratic side, 95 percent of House members say that human activity contributes to global warming.
National Journal