What happened
MTV is expected to announce on Monday that Guns N’ Roses is releasing a track from their as-of-yet unreleased album Chinese Democracy on the video game Rock Band 2. The album has been in the works for over a decade.

What the commentators said
“The inclusion of the song on a game,” said Robert Levine in The New York Times, underscores how important video games have become to the “ailing music industry.” Songs licensed to Rock Band and Guitar Hero “are more profitable for record companies and musicians than iTunes sales.”

“After 13 long and acrimonious years in the making,” said Rosie Swash and Sean Michaels in the Guardian, Guns N’ Roses’ “decision to officially introduce material from their sixth album via a computer game is an unusual one.” But this is something we’re likely to see more and more bands doing—they need to make money somehow.

Guns N’ Roses may be releasing a track from Chinese Democracy on Rock Band 2, said Chris Harris in MTV.com, but “we’re not about to hold our breath” that the album will actually be released. “We’ve seen signs before," only to be disappointed. Still, there have been so many song leaks and false alarms lately that the long wait could soon be over.