What happened
Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, 61, is living with an 18-year-old Russian bartender, according to a report in the UK's Sun. Ekaterina Ivanova, who is staying with the rocker at his home in Ireland, claims that she and Wood are involved in a romantic relationship and that he has left his wife of 23 years, Jo. (The Sun)

What the commentators said
Ivanova and Wood supposedly went to Ireland for a "painting holdiay," said tabloid commentary site Anorak. That's totally possible: She's probably old enough now for "painting by numbers."

Jo Wood actually buys the painting holiday story, said celebrity buzz site Showbiz Spy, and "has strongly denied the reports" that her husband and Ivanova are romantically involved. Jo did, however, call Ivanova "mad," adding that she's a "terrible alcoholic."

Ronnie Wood's an alcoholic, said celebrity gossip site Now, and he's "fallen off the wagon and is drinking two bottles of vodka a day." The teenage bargirl became his drinking buddy, but even Ronnie's friends "deny there's anything going on." So he's definitely a relapsed boozer, but probably not an adulterer.